ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

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This high performance Brake Fluid is ideal for coping with the extreme demands posed by motor racing, autocross, or high performance driving. The overall high dry and wet boiling points make this fluid an excellent choice for street driven vehicles, too, where brake fluid is flushed less frequently than that in race-driven vehicles. 

The ATE Super Blue fluid exceeds all DOT 4 requirements, with a dry boiling point or 536 degrees F and a wet boiling point 396 degrees F. This fluid is NOT SILICONE and is compatible with conventional brake fluid. It also available in amber color (known as ATE TYP 200, which we also carry) to help when flushing the complete system. Tip: Rotating between amber and blue every other brake flush, allows you to flush until you see a distinct color change -- convserving fluid and, most importantly, assuring a full and proper flushing of the old brake fluid.


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